The Problem

Usage of composite panels (mainly aluminium composite panels, ACPs) on modern and high-rise buildings is extremely popular due to their aesthetic appeal. Core panels made of fire-rated materials are developed using raw materials that are of low cost. These panels when exposed to high temperatures, in the form of radiation or direct open flames, will absorb certain amount of energy while initiating a reaction between the additives. Panels (ranging from 3 to 4.5 mm thick) sandwiched between aluminium sheets (mimicking ACPs) displayed rigid core after continuous butane-flame torching for 12 min.

Despite 70% of mineral content, the core of the panel can feed the flame and will become the source of fuel for sustaining the flame.


Current Situation

There have been many fire incidents all over the world that have resulted in fatalities and humungous property losses.

In many of these incidents,
the usage of polymers was the key for ignition, flame spread and even smoke.

For instance, in the building and construction industry, despite moving so far ahead in terms of design and technologies, the fire incidents involving Grenfell Tower (UK), The Torch (Dubai), Toh Guan Road building (Singapore), and many more suggest that there is still a lot to accomplish.

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Many of these fire incidents point to the fact that these external wall claddings overcome the compartmentalization concepts (fire safety) of the building. In majority of the cases, it has been pointed that the polymer core of these wall cladding panels is to blame. The core ignites easily and is also responsible for the rapid vertical flame spread up the exterior of the buildings. As the polymer core melts and flows down, it also provides the necessary fuel to sustain the flame intensity. Stack effect, of course, is also another parameter to consider in the rapid vertical flame spread

Fire and polymers share a fierce relationship.
Considering the extensive usage of polymeric based materials in the modern-day world,
it is important to understand the balance between polymers and fire.

Our Products

Feuerschutz Technologies is founded solely to mold the future to a world free of large scale fire accidents, to replace obsolete construction materials with our very own fire-resistant innovations.

Hence, we are providing the following technologically advanced materials to the construction and building industry.

Aluminium Composite Panels

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We provide expert engineering and materials consulting expertise to understand and solve problems across a vast array of fire retardancy applications.

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