Board of directors

Aravind Dasari

Director/ Founder
A/P Aravind Dasari (PhD Australia, MS USA, BTech India) has had research exposure and experience in various parts of the world before moving to Singapore. He is with NTU Singapore since 2011. His research emphasizes on the design and development of hybrid polymers, composites/ nanocomposites and coatings thereof for utilization in construction/building sector, marine and offshore industry, electrical and electronic industries, food packaging and renewable energy sector. He has filed a few technical disclosures in the recent years on topics like flame retardant composite panels, fire-protection boards, and flame-retardant coatings among others.

Amit Nanavati

Managing Director/ Co-Founder
Amit Nanavati graduated with a MBA from the world renowned Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) in addition to degrees in Commerce and Law. With specialized knowledge of Marketing, Finance and Operations Management, set up a greenfield project to manufacture high tensile carbon steel wires and wire products such as cold forged fasteners, and automotive components. Amit expanded the horizon of entrepreneurship beyond the shores of India establishing an international company in Canada focused on advanced high performance magnetic and electrical steel as an exclusive distributor of AK Steel’s for Asian markets to cater to the electric motor and transformer industries.

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