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Here is a video comparison of how our
Fire-Rated Aluminium Composite Panel Cores technology holds up against heat of up to 1000°C as compared to the currently available ACP in the market.


Usage of composite panels (mainly aluminium composite panels, ACPs) on modern and high-rise buildings is extremely popular due to their aesthetic appeal. Based on market survey reports, ACP market was valued at USD 5.95 Billion in 2016 and is projected to reach USD 8.79 Billion by 2022. ACP, in general, is a sandwich structure with aluminium sheets sandwiching fire retardant panel (typically highly filled polyethylene-based materials). However, as suggested by many incidents worldwide in the recent past, there are many issues with the current available ACPs in the market. In this disclosure, an alternate material that can serve as a core panel in ACPs with superior fire retardancy is reported. Accordingly, core panels made of fire-rated materials are developed using raw materials that are of low cost. These panels when exposed to high temperatures, in the form of radiation or direct open flames, will absorb certain amount of energy while initiating a reaction between the additives. Panels (ranging from 3 to 4.5 mm thick) sandwiched between aluminium sheets (mimicking ACPs) displayed rigid core after continuous butane-flame torching for 12 min.

Advantages of our cores

  • Significant reduction in heat release rates and total heat released.
  • No ignition and flame spread.
  • Neither the core melts nor flows.
  • Core doesn't add fuel to the fire source.
  • The core residue is very rigid.

Technical Information

Our core material (organic/ inorganic based) comes at a standard 3mm thickness.


4ft | 8ft

Bulk Density

1000 Kg/ m3 to 1300kg/ m3

The Core Material (Third Party accreditation lab)

Test Name Nature Requirement Obtained Result Remarks
BS 476 Part 6 Fire propagation test i < 12, i1 < 6 i = 6.2, i1 = 0.6 Class 0
BS 476 Part 7 Surface spread of flame Class 1
(<165mm of fire spread
Class 1 Class 0

Test Standards

Test name Description
BS476 Parts 6 & 7/ ASTM E84 Product level testing
EN13501-1 Simulated room corner or wall assembly test
BS8414-1 / NFPA 285 Full scale tests

Critical aspect that should be highlighted is even for the material level tests or wall assembly tests, typically, the entire sandwich panel is tested (that is, with the metal covering). So, when radiation or direct flames are exposed to these panels, even the presence of a combustible core may easily clear the standard. However, when the tests can be directly conducted on core of the sample, the ‘true performance’of the core can be evaluated.

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