Board of Directors

Aravind Dasari (DR)

Director/ Founder
A/P Aravind Dasari (PhD Australia, MS USA, BTech India) has had research exposure and experience in various parts of the world before moving to Singapore. He is with NTU Singapore since 2011. His research emphasizes on the design and development of hybrid polymers, composites/ nanocomposites and coatings thereof for utilization in construction/building sector, marine and offshore industry, electrical and electronic industries, food packaging and renewable energy sector. He has filed a few technical disclosures in the recent years on topics like flame retardant composite panels, fire-protection boards, and flame-retardant coatings among others.

Amit Nanavati

Managing Director/ Co-Founder
Graduating with a MBA from world reknowned Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), Amit set course on his entrepreneurship journey by setting up a high carbon steel wire drawing and downstream wire products companies at two locations in India with technical knowhow from Germany. The success of these early ventures fueled the growth on a global basis with the setting up of companies in Canada, China, India and Malaysia dealing in very specialised functional materials. The latest ventures are based out of Singapore in the Advanced Manufacturing (Industry 4.0) field and are recognised as leading technology companies by Enterprise Singapore. Amit is also a strategic investor and Member of Board of Directors of Imarticus Learning Pvt. Ltd., a Mubai, India based prodegree granting training and upskilling company specialised in big data analytics and financial analytics.