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As per the market survey conducted by independent agencies, no commercially available wood-chip-board or natural fiber-board are fire-rated for lining applications. Hence, we believe that the thermal barrier boards developed by us using natural by-products like oil palm fibers (OPF) as a green, sustainable alternative are novel and have the potential to disrupt the industry of fire-rated boards. Apart from sustainability advantage, the other outstanding features of our product include water resistance and sound absorption



Developed using natural by-products. Better waste management in construction productivity. No use of formaldehyde. Good mechanical, fire resistance and acoustic insulation properties. Can be extended to other available natural fiber alternatives.



Time-temperature profile for Natural fibre board after direct flame torching test for 2 h. Sample size is 120 (L) x 80 (W) x 10 mm (T). K-type thermocouples are used to record the temperatures.


Natural fibers are pre-treated with flame retardants before incorporating them into a flame retardant matrix to make panels/boards of different thicknesses. The density of the fibers and their entanglement ensure better mechanical and sound absorption properties of the panels. Even upon on exposure to intense radiation or direct flames, these natural fibers create a thermal barrier restricting the heat transfer. Even after the 2h furnace test, there is very little shrinkage in the boards confirming the outstanding performance of these panels. This technology also enables the usage of different natural fibers like palm, jute, rice, etc. based on the geographical region and the ease of availability.

Advantages and improvements over existing materials:

Apart from the cost advantage, advantages include:

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