Our Products

Aluminium Composite Panels

The foundations of Feuerschutz Technologies Pte Ltd are built on the ideas of being a driving force in innovation, hosting platform for the extremely potential technologies, and a service provider in terms of materials and fire safety.

To this extent, as a start, we are providing the following innovative and critical technologies to the construction and building industry.

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Fibre Boards

As per the market survey conducted by independent agencies, no commercially available wood-chip-board or natural fiber-board are fire-rated for lining applications. Hence, we believe that the thermal barrier boards developed by us using natural by-products like oil palm fibers (OPF) as a green, sustainable alternative are novel and have the potential to disrupt the industry of fire-rated boards. Apart from sustainability advantage, the other outstanding features of our product include water resistance and sound absorption

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We provide expert engineering and materials consulting expertise to understand and solve problems across a vast array of sectors.

Our Technical Services

  • Technical expertise consultation
  • Partition boards usage examples
  • Materials failure analysis
  • Combustion of materials
  • Water absorption, stains and mechanical properties of different materials